“Clothes maketh the man”  Shakespeare

Priyanca Khanna strongly believes that the clothes you adorn are your unspoken introduction. They have a language of their own that is most unique. The most beautiful aspect of it being, all of humanity speaks it. This language has millions of dialects. The Priyanca Khanna label, at its very core, strives not to create yet another but to help you speak yours with utmost clarity.

Every garment we conceptualize is an atom similar to none. No two people are the same and the same holds true for what we create. There is just one of you and so there is just one of what you choose to make yours from our carefully sewn attires. When you adorn a label so deeply thought through, you feel enough. Not too tall, not too short, not too fat, not too thin. The magic of bespoke tailoring embraces every curve of you to bring out only your best self.

Calling out to the edgy ones but also the ones who like to tread gingerly on the periphery of contemporary fashion. Our garments are engineered so you can own them a hundred percent. They are designed to be “So you!” - because you are unique and beautiful and all we’re trying here is to do justice to that.

We flow like water and cut through times and fashion trends to stand tall in our uniqueness. In your uniqueness. So our outfits have no rules - you wear them when you like and with what you like. They stand the test of not conforming to an occasion. We hope you enjoy them, make them yours, and speak your language - confident, loud and proud.


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